Hi, my name is Duncan Smith.

I help people, usually with business and technology.

Email me about anything: hi@dms.sh

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

Duncan Smith is one of the most prolific Node.js developers that I have worked with. His talents served our team well, and he is a valuable asset to any sized team.

— Jack Hanley, Project Manager @ Immers.io

Duncan is an exceptional developer and team member with an intrinsic drive and commitment to quality. As a colleague, Duncan has helped me grow as a developer by providing me with invaluable technical knowledge and direction.

— Scott Dodge, Software Developer & Consultant

I read something once that said: when looking to hire, find someone who is 1) smart, and 2) gets things done. Without a doubt, Duncan is that guy. In the time that we were colleagues, he helped me grow exponentially as an engineer.

— Josh Beam, Software Engineer @ Chronicled

If you are looking for a growth oriented developer who will bring fresh ideas to the table, Duncan is that developer. He sees the larger picture and has a mind for good architecture.

— Madison Sharps, Web Developer @ ISCS

As a junior developer coming into a web development firm, I had a ton to learn about the world outside of university walls but Duncan has been a giant help at every step with his passion and expertise. He really tries to embed himself into the environment and culture of the company while continuing to improve himself and, ultimately, better the team with his increased strength. The tool he created during his tenure at Whiteboard It, Summit, has been a great help to the team and increased productivity for our shop's stack.

— Nicole Whitehead, Software Engineer @ Whiteboard It